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We started the live action filming

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

We are extremely proud to have started the live action filming of John 6. This is one of the most important bible passages where Jesus explains what He truly meant regarding the Eucharist.

Here are several beautiful camera angles and scenes in this movie. Here are a few but not enough to spoil what we are working on for final product.

We received the support of hundreds of faithful Catholic Christians who showed up as extras and made their own beautiful wardrobes. Many of them stood in the cold weather with their family and children.

They made the scenes look so authentic and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Many of the pictures show happy moments from our 2 weeks of filming with our extras, who were well fed with earthly food and supernatural food. We tried to offer the Holy Mass to every one that participated in our filming prior to shooting. Receiving the daily Bread that Christ spoke of in the Our Father He taught us was priceless.

We need you to help finish this ambitious movie! Please spread the word and help up raise money to finish it.

Here are some fun pictures sent from our extras and followers. Thank you again to all of you!

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