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Moses Comes Alive

The Exodus will come alive in the first and only Catholic version of the Bible passages. Countless souls will be amazed when they begin to understand why John the Baptist called Jesus “The Lamb of God”. All Christians accept this title but when they see what this term means, we pray it will open their eyes to the reality of the Eucharist.

We had to have this iconic doorpost scene as it represents an important command that God gave to the Jews. Sadly, our Protestant brothers and many Catholics, including us prior to full study of the Bible passages, do not realize that there were more steps the Jews had to follow and that the lamb had to be fully consumed. This parallels and prefigures the Eucharist which is the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ.

It was not an easy task to choreograph this scene. We had 2 days but needed to match the sun time and shadow casting which was quickly changing, in addition to the many hours necessary to prepare the location. One of the hardest tasks was the lamb present in the scene. We had to find a company who sold a full lamb, keep it on ice between the filming days, then cook it with a torch because, due to the dry weather, we were not allowed to have fire on set. At the last minute we had to be creative and try to build a fire pit without real wood while also looking convincing enough. Everything revolved around the lamb which was an essential element we needed. Below you can see Moses with the lamb.

Every word and dialogue has been taken from the Douay-Rheims Bible and the fantastic crew of veteran actors will help all viewers, hopefully even children, to better understand this beautiful poem God wrote that foreshadowed His only Son's crucifixion.

As always there were plenty of attacks on set from Christ's enemy. Many hours of filming were lost and we were not able to film other scenes on the green screen, utilizing this beautiful but expensive location ($12,000 per day). But as soon the priest came on set and blessed us with Mass, everything went back to normal. All of the extras started to pray a group of rosary, it definitely felt like Heaven.

The bronze serpent footage will be used in gospel of John chapter 6 and prior to the Crucifixion to visually address the claim of idolatry. We see that Moses created a statue, which points to Christ, and God asked for it to be built to heal the snake bites of those that were sick.

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