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We Filmed Fr. Ripperger!

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

It was a joy to film with Father Ripperger a Catholic priest, exorcist, theologian, and author. He is truly a warrior for Christ. He spoke on many important aspects of the spiritual realm that provide a better understanding of our Lord in the Eucharist.

It was an incredible day. What he revealed in this interview is outstanding! The knowledge of a well known exorcist brought elements to this movie that we are incredibly happy to have.

We are learning to wear different hats?

We couldn't be more happy of this team that is fully devoted to this beautiful cause. These 2 beautiful locations that the Director scouted was provided at zero cost so that we could stay on budget. Ray has filled the Producer role by coordinating all the schedules and flights with the team in an impeccable way. The Director Angelo Libutti was able to contact Fr. Ripperger and convince to join this production. Our camera man covered the audio roles as well.

Fr. Ripperger's official website is:

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Ashley vj
Ashley vj

Blessed be God forever, really happy to see Fr.Ripperger in the movie.

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