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Filming Dr. Lazo in Mexico!

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

What a great blessing it was to interview this great doctor that has been able to analyze the miracle from a scientific point of view. We will share some INCREDIBLE news on this miracle that will leave you guys jaw dropped! We are all currently wondering why all this medical information has never been shared before...

The picture below captures a funny moments of us filming in Mexico on May 22 with Dr. Eduardo Sanchez Lazo (The doctor that examined the Eucharistic miracle in Tixtla). The director was telling the kids on the street to be quiet. As soon as they realized that we were filming they started to cheer and yell for our attention and we were not getting good audio for the interview.

After a full day of filming we were able to celebrate the end of the shoot with the team and crew. Some of them are camera shy which is ironic since they use cameras every day! Thank you!

After this short celebration we had to drive back to our hotel and get ready for our flight back to the United States.

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