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Filming Dr. Carlos Parellada

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The way we were able to get in contact with Dr. Carlos Parellada was definitely a miracle! God is blessing us and showing us how He has specifically planned all of this to happen from before we were born. He was a college classmate and family doctor for Angelo Libutti's (Director/DP/PD) best friend.

Who is Carlos Parellada?

He was the surgeon that closely studied the Eucharistic Miracle in Tixtla. What he revealed to us has never been said in any other interview, nor any other podcast or YouTube channel. We are looking forward to revealing it to you!

What a blessing to be in the same room with the doctor who saw the Eucharist through the microscope and located a white blood cell swallowing a lipid. He also saw many other astonishing features that could not be naturally explained.

Thank you team and Dr. Carlos Parellada!

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