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Dr. Scott Hahn joined the Eucharistic Miracles Team!

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Director Angelo Libutti and Writer Ray Grijalba were able to pull off an incredible 2 days of filming with Dr. Scott Hahn. Dr. Hahn has such a breath of knowledge and he covered topics that will open the eyes of Christians around the world!

Here is a still image from our filming with Dr. Scott Hahn. For those who don't know Dr. Hahn, you will know him soon and he may become one of your favorite speakers in the Christian faith.

Through God's grace Angelo and Ray have fulfilled the Producer role again and again by finding a way to book incredible speakers. As well as secure all of the locations along with the duties of their roles. A big "thank you" goes as well to Ed, Maria, Alexis, and the rest of the team that pushed hard through our tight production schedule.

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