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Carrying of the Cross

How we were able to get the crosses, they way they were inserted into the ground shortly before the crucifixion, how we were be able to find the actor to play Simon at the very last minute, and more was unbelievable. It was a set of miracles, one after the other.

This whole scene was filmed during sunset and surely made it look outstanding. This was all thanks to God who is the best Painter! Even if we don't want to admit it, His timing is just impeccable.

Big thanks goes to Dom Raso, who flew out of state at the last minute to cover the role of Simon. His first take was a perfect performance, incredibly believable and it was remarkable how well he performed in covering his character arc in such a short time.

Thank you to all of the extras and actors: to Eugene who played John the apostle, to Joelle Maryn who played Mary, to Lisa Burnham who played Mary Magdalene, and to Jackie Rangel who played Mary the wife of Cleopas.

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